Wednesday, 21 May 2008

I specialise in traditional English-style Discipline including OTK spanking, slipper, hairbrush, tawse, straps, school equipment, the birch, etc., including caning to judicial levels.

Although I am always happy to provide a no-frills punishment session, I do love role-play. I am comfortable with many different roles, including Auntie, Headmistress, School Teacher, Head Girl, Governess, Matron, Nurse, Nanny, Female Boss, Betrayed/Angry Wife, etc. I am particularly interested in age play, although I am not able to cater for full ABs. If you have a specific scenario in mind, please feel free to suggest it. I enjoy seeing novices as well as the more experienced and will consider courteous applications from males, females, TVs, TGs and couples. I am also happy to give tuition in administering C.P. and in roleplay.

Because I thoroughly enjoy my craft, I do not like to rush; I like to take my time and exact optimum pleasure from a session for both parties. If you have a scenario in mind, I will make it as realistic as possible. I firmly believe in Safe, Sane and Consensual and all limits (including marking) will be respected. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to practice CP without leaving lasting marks; even the cane can be used with care and in moderation. Please note, however, that newbies will almost certainly experience a modicum of bruising in the ensuing days; this is unavoidable. Anyone who says they can guarantee absolutely no marking should be treated with caution. Accuracy is of primary importance and I take great pride in my skills and my reputation.

A meeting with me will typically last between one and two hours (domestic maids will be with me up to four hours). We begin with a cup of tea and a good chat to get to know each other. What many seem to forget is that I must earn your trust before we begin playing; you also need time to relax and get your head into the correct mindset. I also need to learn as much as I can about you and your requirements before play commences. Play is not timed - it lasts as long as is required to ensure you get precisely what you need from our time together. When we have finished playing, you are welcome to stay for another cup of tea - nothing is worse than having to go out into the real world again immediately after playing! I fully appreciated how much courage it takes to visit someone like me. Hopefully this site will give you a good idea of who and what I am. I am always happy to talk on the phone if I have time and will answer any questions you might have prior to meeting.

Please note that I do not practice BDSM, nor do I allow any relief or other sexual practice in my home. You are being welcomed into my home; do not offend me.

I am proud to have many friends within both the BDSM and the CP scenes. If you cannot visit me, email or call and I may well be able to recommend a Lady nearer or better suited to you. Absolutely nothing is worse than a disappointing session and I will do my best to ensure you are able to visit a genuine, reputable, experienced Lady.